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Awards and Testimonials



2006 Healthy Kids & Young Adults Crystal Heart Award

Michelle Wu, CYC Project Manager

In recognition for her commitment to increasing awareness and opportunity to the community in ensuring that all low-income families have high quality medical care and for CYC's commitment to providing volunteers to ensure successful fairs and other community events.


SF International Dragon Boat Festival
Treasure Island
September 22-23, 2007


High School Mixed Team A: Division A First Place
High School Mixed Team B: Division B Second Place
High School All Boys Team: First Place
High School All Girls Team: Third Place


First Place

Basketball Tournament, High School All Boys Team
Chinese Recreation Center




"I've found a sense of direction thanks to the CYC youth programs. I came to the United States six years ago from Hong Kong, and as a non-English-speaking immigrant I felt really lost. It was a really tough transition for me. CYC really provided me with the training and help to integrate and assimilate into the society better. There are a lot of good mentors at CYC to help me, and also talking to peers who sometimes come from backgrounds similar to mine really helped me to realize that there are other people like me out there, and there are people who are available to help us. What I learned from CYC was a sense of belonging. They really care about you. I really hope CYC can expand and reach out into the immigrant community, especially, because I know a lot of immigrants when they first come here, they're really confused and lost, and they tend to confine themselves, and don't go out."
––Jessica Qu, senior at Lowell High School, CYC Youth Participant


"I try to do relationship building with the immigrant youth. ... When I was in high school, every day when we'd get out of school we'd just hang out, and have nothing to do. Most of the CYC kids are immigrants. They're really afraid to speak English. I'm also an immigrant, so I know how they feel. I think I can help them."

––Henry Ha, 21, Program Assistant, Director of CYCLERS Sports


"I feel like I'm needed. Like I seem like I'm part of a big group. You feel like you're in one big family. I'm not really a leader type person, but when I'm with CYC I feel more comfortable expressing myself; I'm not shy. I can take this leadership and help people. Whatever I learn at CYC I'm definitely going to take on into the future."
––Wilson Li, 16, dragonboat representative


"It's different from just school. We all work together, and we're all like, just, 'Hey, you know to do this you've got to work hard."
––Connie Liu, 17, dragonboat representative


"If I wasn't in CYC, I might be the same as the kids in school fighting and doing a lot of smoking and stuff. When I go to CYC they teach me leadership skills, like you have to be loud, be strong. I feel good because you can't learn this from parents –– teenagers won't listen to them. You can't learn it from school -- they won't teach you that."
––Polly Fung, 17, George Washington High School, MYEEP Counselor In Training

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