Street Outreach

CYC is part of a collaborative within the Northwest Community Response Network (NW-CRN), specializing in preventing retaliation and the escalation of community violence through interventions and aftercare services in times of crisis. Comprised of three culturally specific teams led by three partnering agencies: Arriba Juntos (fiscal and lead agency), Ella Hill Hutch Community Center, and CYC. Each team deeply understands youth culture is guided by the linguistic and cultural knowledge needed to connect with the communities they serve. The partnership between the three agencies allows the NW-CRN to be strategically located throughout several high-crime focus areas while utilizing the strong staff and client connections necessary for effective service provision and communications. The NW-CRN also interacts and coordinates services with city departments and other CRNs to develop policy and systems improvements.


Northwest Community Response Network (NW-CRN) works to reduce street level violence in the Mission, Western Addition, and SOMA/Tenderloin areas by providing mid-week and late night street outreach, and family support/aftercare services through our 24 hour crisis responders. The NW-CRN collaborates with the Southeast Community Response Network to provide services to the Asian and Pacific Islander population citywide such as crisis response, mediation, and conflict resolution, referrals and linkages to appropriate services for youth and their families street and school level outreach to prevent and reduce violence and de-escalate retaliation after crisis have occurred, relationship building, and support groups in schools and within CYC. For more information, please contact Eddy Zheng - Project Manager at 415.775.2636, ext 216.










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