Comprised of programs that aim to address the needs of high-risk youth and their families, Youth & Family Counselors and Case Managers, under the supervision of the Clinical Manager and the Project Manager, provide crisis intervention, information and referrals, individual and family counseling and case management, and help clients address issues such as youth and family conflicts, transitions, gang affiliation and running away.CYC recognizes the needs of the community and has a Central Intake System in place to provide referrals and case management services. Please contact the On-Duty Intake Counselor at 415.775.2636 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday.


Asian Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Services (API-VPS) provides care management and counseling for youth ages 14 –25 through workshops, trainings, and support groups; academic goal setting and job readiness; community service and volunteer opportunities; legal system and community resources; truancy and substance abuse prevention; family relationship building skills, strategies and solutions; and conflict management and communication skills. For more information, contact Ami Wong - Care Manager at 415.775.2636, ext 243.


The Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC) provides an alternative to juvenile hall for youth 11-17 years of age arrested for a variety of criminal offenses. CARC provides a single point of entry of crisis intervention, assessment, service integration, referring and mentoring. This project involves a collaboration of all the city agencies working with youth –– from the schools, human services, and public health, through juvenile probation, police, the district attorney, the public defender, the sheriff and community based organizations. At CARC, all these agencies develop one plan after contacting the family, to help the youth build a successful drug-free, crime-free life. Each youth is connected to a case manager, as well as to a mentor who spends one-on-one time with the youth, works with probation and the court, and guides the youth into positive interventions in the community. Project goals include: Increase youth school performance, increase rates of successful completion of probation, reduce subsequent recidivism, out-of-home placements, and reduce youth's incidences of substance abuse. For more information, please contact Dee Deqi Chen - Case Manager at 415.437.2500.


Intensive Supervision and Clinical Services (ISCS)-EPSDT provides community based intensive supervision and case management services for youth ages 11-17 who have been placed on probation. Program emphasizes positive development opportunities through individual and family counseling, youth and parent education, court advocacy, information and referral, life and job skills training, and behavior/mental health services and referrals. The program seeks to lower recidivism, motivate success, and promote healthy lifestyles. For more information, please contact: Hanns Chiu - Care Manager at 415.775.2636, ext 241.


Parent/Youth Empowerment Project (PYEP) provides life skills workshops, peer support groups, and case management services to at-risk youth who are chronically truant, high school dropouts, monolingual and newly immigrated.  PYEP Case Managers connect youth to job readiness programs, community services, and volunteer opportunities.  Most importantly, PYEP enhances and bridges family relationship and communication through building skills, strategies, and solutions with the family. For more information, please contact: Kyle Chan - Youth & Parent Counselor at 415.775.2636, ext 210.


Parenting Skills Program (PSP) provides weekly parent support groups and parenting skills development classes.  It allows a knowledge space for parents to access to resources.  The weekly parenting classes are available in English, Cantonese or Spanish.  For more information, please contact Eddy Zheng - Project Manager at 415.775.2636, ext 216.



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