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2017 - 2018 CYC Betting On Our Future (BOOF)

Download: Application, Flyer


We’re looking for...
- Asian and Pacific Islander high school teenagers who can understand Chinese, and are committed to:
- Fight against problem gambling
- Meet at least twice a week for 7 months
- Being open-minded and willing to advocate for their peers

You’ll ...
- Enhance your knowledge and understanding of teen gambling
- Participate in the statewide Spotlight Festival in Anaheim, CA in June 2018
- Receive a stipend upon project completion
- Have fun while learning media production
- Gain confidence and leadership skills
- Meet new friends

Application Deadline:October 27, 2017
Meeting Time: every Monday & Thursday4 to 6pm (TBA)
Location:  CYC Main Office & Computer Clubhouse@1038 Post Street (TBA)



Recruiting 2017 NCC peer leaders!


Download: Application


Who: High School students enrolled at Mission, Galileo, SF International, Lincoln, Marshall and Washington, mainly Chinese and Spanish Speaking Newcomer youth.

When: meeting dates depends on youth's schedule, but will be twice a week

Time: 4:30-6:30PM

Location: 1038 Post St. SF. CA 94109 (CYC Main)


Peer leaders are the team leaders for their respective school's NCC program and responsible for keeping club members engaged in activities, planning the annual retreat and coordinating other club events with other schools. The program fosters leadership skills and trains peer leaders to advise, inform, mediate and serve as positive role models; promote academic and/ or vocational success to broaden youths' life options; build self-confidence and develop positive cultural identity.


For more information please contact Stellar Luo at 415-775-2636 ext 228 or



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1038 Post Street
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