Leadership Development

Provides a variety of youth development activities including leadership training and development workshops to enhance knowledge and increase awareness of community issues. Youth leaders advocate for the needs of the youth, participate in community service projects, and are involved in the decision-making process of future program development.


Bayview Youth Advocates (BYA) is a multicultural youth leadership development program for high schoolers living or attending school in San Francisco's Bayview District and interested in making a difference in their community. Each year, 10-12 youth are selected to become a BYA peer leader and a voice for the youth in the community to reduce violence and create harmony and understanding through advocacy, education and outreach. Youth are provided with opportunities to plan and organize community service/service learning projects and multicultural events, to be exposed to community and political advocacy trainings, events and activiites, and encouraged to make positive changse through self empowerment. For more information, contact Wendy Lee - Program Coordinator at 415.550.1151.


CYClers is a youth-led sports program overseen by an advisory committee comprised of youth representatives from each sport to centralize and effectively coordinate the sport teams. The name CYClers is derived from CYC and symbolizes regeneration through leadership training to the underserved youth population for generations to come. The committee promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy lifestyles through the program to Asian youth in the community. CYClers meets on a regular basis and makes decisions on program planning and implementation. Youth also partake in fundraising, community service and recruitment strategies to encourage Asian youth to participate in sports activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts, hip hop and dragon boat as alternatives to violence, drugs, truancy, and gang activities.For more information, contact Henry Ha - Project Advisor/Youth & Family Counselor at 415.775.2636, ext. 207.


Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) Project & Sisters Against Violence Empowerment (SAVE) Project are dedicated to the positive empowerment and development of young women in San Francisco. A peer leadership program designed to reduce violence against Asian girls and young women, YAWAV's goals are to strengthen the resilience, pride, knowledge, and skills of Asian girls so that they are less vulnerable to all forms of abuse, and to educate the larger Asian community about girls' issues so that the community can better respond to such abuse. For more information, contact Vida Kuang - Project Coordinator at 415.775-2636, ext 271.



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